NASA's Space Exploration Vehicle: Pimp My Rover

After spending all that time, money and effort delivering a crew of astronauts millions of miles through space to some distant celestial body, do we really expect them to trundle around like a pack of schmucks once they get there? Not a chance. That's why NASA's next explorers will roll deep in the Space Exploration… »5/10/13 11:43am5/10/13 11:43am

Curiosity discovers evidence that Mars was once habitable for ancient life.

Scientists with NASA's MSL Curiosity rover mission held a press conference to discuss findings from the first powder rock samples obtained by the rover's drill. Analysis of result from the rover's SAm and Chemin instruments indicates that the rover's landing site once had conditions that could have supported microbial… »3/12/13 2:33pm3/12/13 2:33pm

The Artist Who Helped Invent Space Travel

If Lucian Rudaux was the Grandfather of space art, Chesley Bonestell was the father. He was born on January 1, 1888, 15 years before the Wright brothers first flew and 38 years before the launch of the first liquid-fuel rocket. When he died 98 years later, men had walked on the moon and spacecraft had visited most of… »3/11/13 8:11pm3/11/13 8:11pm